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CHOPIN, Friedrick (1810-1849)



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Composer Song/Work Title Name of major Work Movie
Chopin Prelude No.2 in A min, Op.28 No.2 "Presentment of Death" Autumn Sonata
Chopin Waltz in C# min, Op.64 No.2 The Avengers
Chopin Nocturne in Eb "Murmures de la Seine", Op.9 No.2 Blue Lagoon
Chopin Nocturne No.8 in Db "Les plaintives 2" Bodily Harm
Chopin Mazurka, Op.17 No.4 Cries and Whispers
Chopin Mazurka No.13 in A min, Op.17 No.4 Empire of the Sun
Chopin Prelude in Db, Op.28 No.15 "Raindrop" Face/Off
Chopin Les Sylphides Getting It Right
Chopin Waltz (Waltz No.1 in Eb "Grande valse brillante", Op.18 B62) Les Sylphides The Hudsucker Proxy
Chopin Nocturne in Eb "Murmures de la Seine", Op.9 No.2 Man Trouble
Chopin Nocturne No.19 in E min Mind Games
Chopin Prelude in Db, Op.28 No.15 "Raindrop" Moonraker
Chopin Mazurka No.23 in D, Op.33 No.2 Nixon
Chopin Waltz No.10 in B min, Op.69 No.3 Nixon
Chopin Polonaise No.6 in Ab "Héroique" Nothing Lasts Forever
Chopin Etude No.23 in A min "Winter Wind" Nothing Lasts Forever
Chopin Prelude No.20 "Funeral March" Paradise Road
Chopin Nocturne in C# min, Op.27 No.1 The Peacemaker
Chopin Nocturne in F min, Op.55 No.1 The Peacemaker
Chopin Mazurka in A min, Op.68 No.2 The People vs Larry Flynt
Chopin Polonaise in Ab, Op.53 Shine
Chopin Prelude in Db, Op.28 No.15 "Raindrop" Shine
Chopin Waltz No.14 in E min Sneakers
Chopin Marche funébre (Funeral March) Piano Sonata No.2 Space Jam
Chopin Piano Concerto No.1, 3rd mvmt. 10 Things I Hate About You
Chopin Piano Concerto No.1, 2nd mvmt. The Truman Show
Chopin Waltz No.11 in Gb major, Or 70, No. 1 V.I. Warshawski